Access to the network video recorder, for playback and export of video, is available three different ways: through the browser, through a desktop application, and through a smartphone application. This document provides instructions on how to connect to the NVR in each of these three ways.

1. Through the browser

Visit the public static IP address of your network, followed by a colon and the number "8001". For example:

2. Through the desktop application

First, you must download and install the iVMS-4200 software from Hikvision. You can download the appropriate version for your desktop (Macintosh or Windows) at this link: click here.

Next, after installing the software, you will have to "add a device".

    If this desktop or laptop is on the same Local or Wide Area Network with the NVR, you can use it's LAN IP address.

    Otherwise, use the public static IP address.

Enter the username and password provided to you by the system administrator.

3. Through the smartphone

First, you must download and install the iVMS-4500 Lite application. Do NOT install any other variations of this software from Hikvision, either iVMS-4500 HD or anything else.

Open the app and select your region from the list.

Remove the default installed device, and select the + icon to add a new device manually.

Select "IP/Domain" from the login type.

Enter the public static IP address assigned to you by your system administrator, as well as the username and password credentials they provided.