Before you get started:
  • This guide is for Windows 10
  • You will need the IP address of the printer you want to add to Windows
  • You must be connected to the same Local or Wide Area Network

1. Open the settings panel by clicking on the gear in the "start menu"
2. select "devices"
3. select "printers & scanners" from the navigation menu on the left side
4. Press "+ add printer or scanner" 
5. It will say "searching for printers and scanners", but after a few seconds a hyperlink will appear that says "the printer that I want isn't listed"; click it.
6. Select the third radio button option in the pop-up window, "Add a printer using a TCP\IP address or hostname" and press "next"
7. Enter the IP address where it asks "hostname or IP address". Leave everything else set to the default value and press "next".
8. Windows will download and install the drivers for the printer. Just click "next" until the wizard is complete from this point.

If Windows is not able to find the appropriate driver for your device, download the latest driver for Windows 10 64-bit from the manufacturer's website. After the download is complete, click the "have disk" option, and select the download location from Windows Explorer.